Visarte Liechtenstein

Jess de Zilva

Jess de Zilva is London based painter, particularly fascinated by the subconscious motivations of people, as well as the multi-faceted and complex aspects of inner dilemmas, battles, and confusion. De Zilva characterises her figurative works as psychological realism. While her painted allegories convey "the reality of the psychological experience over the observable world" she paints in a realist manner.

Jess studied fine art at Camberwell College of Art. In 2015 she began focusing on classical painting methods and techniques, including portrait painting, which she brings to her work. She regularly exhibits her work and is currently preparing for on her solo show ‘things we do’ featuring works reflecting on the pandemic experience.

Krummenacker 13
9493 Mauren
Fuerstentum Liechtenstein

6 Mayfield Avenue,
London N12 9JA
United Kingdom